WordPress SEO

The magic word SEO comes from the Search Engine Optimization term, which describes a process of optimizing web sites to make them easier to find in Google, Bing!, Tahoo and other search engines. This is a pretty complex task and concerns almost every single aspect of your website design. Starting from the HTML, PHP and CSS code, which are responsible for the proper rendering of your content, up to the text, graphics and so called meta tags, which are the short pieces of descriptive text which are indexed by search engines.

Regarding the core of the website, we try to optimize the code. Thanks this operation the page becomes less complex for WWW browser, which make them lighter and faster to load. During this operation we eliminate redundant elements, and try to put a WordPress instance on a diet. We verify what elements are not vital, and we remove them, while we keep the important modules as plug-ins, scripts and themes.

The text copy is the most important element analized by search engines. Their algorithms check how often specific words and phrases are used, how are they formatted, and in which context they appear. Together with Clients we identify and pick the most important keywords and phrases to present them in the best possible way in the text body. We also check the orthography and search and eliminate typos 🙂

Meta tags are very important elements of every single page, that are looked at during the optimization. These small crunches of text are not visible on the page, but are important for precise description of pages and other elements, especially the images and all types of graphic files, as they are not easily indexable by search engines.

Speaking about graphic files, it’s important to mention, that their format also matters. It is very important to identify what dimensions are suitable and to decide on the type and strength of the compression. We can’t forget about the format used – we have to decide if we should use PNG, JPG/JPEG or maybe WEBP.

You can’t forget about the site’s loading speed. Recently, this aspect has became very important, and is carefully analized by searchers’ algorithms, especially by Google. WordPress platform is a pretty complex environment, and without special care it’s not going to be a speed devil. So after eliminating the redundant elements, we offer cache system implementation, which creates compressed, ready to serve packages, which can extremely speed up the web pages load and rendering. This is crucial for mobile version of the pages, as phones and tablets generate majority of the traffic these days.

If you don’t know how to check how fast is your wordpress site, we suggest checking on (or both) of the free tools below:

If you successfully tested your site, try to compare the results with VooVooVoo’s score. Our web pages are running on WordPress, too:

If the score difference i notable, and especially if your marks are highlighted red, we recommend contacting us. We’ll try to help.