Internet Marketing with Voo Voo Voo

Voo Voo Voo is a one man orchestra, which means me, Paweł Czerwiński. I’m an independent consultant specialized in all internet related matters, and in internet marketing, in particular. Thanks many years I worked in multinational corporations in Poland and abroad (please, see the details on my LinkedIn profile), managing corporate intranets, extranets and web sites in different languages, I gained an experience which makes me sure, I can offer my services to a customer of any size with any kind of needs: web design and web creation (including sites based on WordPress Platform), content management (including all kinds od CMS), hosting, SEO (audits and implementation), SEM (search engine positioning and Google AdWords), highly advanced databases based projects, guiding whole internet marketing campaigns or traffic analysis. I have also plenty of experience in localization projects – so I can offer all kinds of translation, and modifications according to the country/region requirements and needs.

On regular bases I work with BizBi Media publishing house for which I write articles dedicated mainly to the mobile platforms (Android and iOS), but also on other technologies news and events.

My customers are mainly IT companies, however I also work with financial/insurance enterprises, on-line shops, and also pharmacy related clients. Projects I implemented are remote work support systems, creation, hosting and running web services and extranets. Thanks my channel sales marketing support experience, the extranets are my main area of interest. Since 2003 I’ve worked with Webb Consulting, and participated in running and supporting 3Com’s Partner Access (nine sites all around the globe in 7 languages).
Here you can find the list of my Clients. And I wouldn’t mind to add there Your Company name, after we worked on some interesting project together.